Make sure your solution meets the criteria of the competition

  1. Your solution aims to solve the energy efficiency issue and will have a positive energy impact on broadband networks
  2. Your solution should be scalable and not impact customer experience
  3. Your solution is scalable, easy to implement and economically feasible
  4. Your solution is based on technology / connectivity

Bring your idea to life

Pitch your solution using an inspiring narrative and visual cues. Answer all the questions and make sure you submit images and videos that bring your idea to life. See our tips on creating a winning submission video!

Show the difference you can make

Prove your solution will make a real, tangible difference in energy savings in one of the three focus areas chosen by the Adaptive Power Challenge judges:

  • Monitoring and Measurement
  • Demand Response
  • Supply and Control

Shout from the rooftops

Share your solution and encourage everyone in your network to get behind it. Don’t forget to use #APChallenge