Focus area: Monitoring and measurement

OPO: Orchestrated Power Outlet

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Solution/product description

Hygge Power's underlying technology leverages a cloud-connected system of small, affordable energy storage devices - OPOs - to create the world's first distributed, grid-connected battery storage solution. Hygge's cloud-software aggregates & analyzes behavioral, energy markets and weather data streams, applies trade secret AI learning algorithms to optimize customer's energy, all while giving utilities and consumers access to new energy storage assets in real-time. The solution provides grid health and bandwidth intelligence, constant power and IoT smart home control.

How does your project address / improve the focus area (Monitoring and Measurement, Demand Response, Supply and Control)?

OPO measures the phases of electricity and regulates voltage directly into the house at any outlet as well as the amount of energy demanded from everyday electronics. It's also measuring the internet bandwidth, protects electronics, optimizes the amount of power needed for electronics, reduces wasted standby energy when applicable, and with occupancy sensing, knows the best time to balance internal energy storage and power requirements. In emergencies, the backup power keeps electronics humming and is equipped with emergency LED lighting for those moments when we need it.

What was your inspiration for your project?

Not having power to enter my smart home on a snowy Christmas inspired me to think about anyone who may be without power on cold days, no heat, no connectivity, and no money to change it. Affordable energy storage doesn't exist and we're changing it through other value stream offers like keeping the wifi on and scheduling better energy charge/discharge times.

What is the single most exciting thing about your project?

Plug-anywhere intelligent energy storage that is accessible to anyone with an outlet and it saves money and schedules renewable charging.

Why did you decide to take part in the Adaptive Power Challenge?

The 3 categories of the competition--Monitor, DR, Control--are intelligent buckets of value that we are developing into our product line. We were recommended to apply via Comcast and Cablelabs given the direct alignment of our core technology, and should our startup receive recognition into the adaptive power challenge, we believe our solution will bring reliable and secure power and data to everyone, not just the top 5-10% who can afford EVs, Solar and whole-home backup.