Focus area: Monitoring and measurement

Luxoft Solar

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Solution/product description

The first step to becoming agile and ascertaining a more optimized network is by studying the current environment. Analyzing historical data establishes the required benchmark necessary to truly optimize usage of resources, i.e., peak loads, over generation or idleness.

This sophisticated solution helps to Monitor, Analyze and Control electricity usage by the most consuming points of a broadband network. Based on the data gathered by LuxSolar from a field BESTT helps to maintain virtual, decentralized grid (microgrid) and establish electricity exchange between all participants. The platform flexibility is allowing operators to include or exclude any fixed grid items directly or involve mobile storages like EV or Battery Storages in cases of disruptions or outages.

Blockchain technology and cloud solutions are increasing system transparency and security. The system described in the presentation is deployed in the cloud and available for demo 24/7.

How does your project address / improve the focus area (Monitoring and Measurement, Demand Response, Supply and Control)?

Buy combing BESTT and LuxSolar platforms it allows Operators to regulate their energy usage as well as, create another means of potential income. Let's start with the benefits of BESTT. BESTT is blockchain based platform aimed to ensure grid stability; granting nodes to receive electricity from resources with the best price for a defined piece of time:

•Providing electricity to the consumers with a fixed P2P contract as the priority
•Disconnecting consumers if current market price exceeds their defined max price
•Preventing consumers from exhausting grid generation by limiting their consumption
•Flexible switching between all available generators

The Platform Helps…

•Provide a precise ID of a unique physical event that takes place
- Creation
-Energy Consumption
•Ensure authenticity, validate formation, facilitate privacy and security of transactions
•Differentiate generation type, location, and other important characteristics
•Track the generated and consumed electricity down to a minimal grid item level
•Provide peer-to-peer energy trading between participants without licensing
•Extend clearing to include peer-to-peer contracts
•Provide flexible and secure contracting models and automated settlement via smart contracts
•Provide transparent and secure distributed metering intermediary
•Increase grid resiliency and stability by implementing basic demand-response functionality
•Identify incorrect data and fraudulent activities
•Enhance reporting for owners and distributors

Key benefits of the platform
•Adaptation of energy demand profiles of distributed energy prosumers
•Optimization of grid operation and electricity delivery costs
•Increased electricity supply security
•All transactions are safe because they are signed by smart contract
•Extensive reporting on grid generation and consumption
Blockchain also makes easy to:
•Confirm and secure electricity exchange operations
•Find and visualize disagreements between items
•Integrate BESTT with other blockchain-based minigrid systems

Next our LuxSolar Solution:

LuxSolar is the tool which allows the collection and visualization of various data from PV and other renewables.

The zoom functionality provides insights into different map layers to view solar/renewable systems located in particular by regions, districts or neighborhoods. Each level enables variously configurable dashboards to display statistics, current system performance, and forecast.

With this tool, it becomes easy to monitor solar/renewable systems performance; track the amount of electricity produced versus consumed from the grid whether for the last day, week, month or year.

 LuxSolar identifies trends for specified periods by enabling or disabling different configurable diagram parameters; making it easy to recognize weak places and plan resolution.

What was your inspiration for your project?

Highly focused on the development of industry-specific expertise and technological excellence

What is the single most exciting thing about your project?

The combination of LuxSolar and BESTT allows the dream of shared and monetization across both the grid and cable plants to become a realization. Regardless of your data center power resources are in Japan or Germany the ability to share unused power during off-peak hours in one part of the world to support the power supply needed during peak hours in another. To see possibilities, review the pdf or use the interactive demo.

Why did you decide to take part in the Adaptive Power Challenge?

We love what we do;, by creating and implementing innovative solutions for the telecommunications and energy sectors. We believe our solutions will provide monumental change to the industry by helping to accelerate the process of achieving a world powered by renewable energy; yielding economic stimulation and energy efficiencies.