Focus area: Demand response

Enhanced power systems

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Solution/product description

The idea is fairly simple. Take what is being worked on to improve node response to consumer demand and apply it to managing power outage events. Power outages can be very short with almost no impact on a HFC system to multiple days. With the new FCC requirements requiring 8 hours of run time until 2019 and then 24 hours of run time, the ability to extend the amount of run time provided by backup power system will greatly enhance the operators ability to respond to extended outage events.

How does your project address / improve the focus area (Monitoring and Measurement, Demand Response, Supply and Control)?

The project addresses the need to provide better demand response for the HFC operators by providing a better way to manage power outage situations. In most cases, with no change to their present standby solution outside of firmware/ software upgrades, an operator will be able to extend the amount of time a system will last on standby power. In many situations, there will be no need to deploy generators due to the additional run time available with nodes in a reduced power setting. When there is an extended outage, the additional run time along with a status monitoring system will provide an operator with a clear path and additional time to deploy generators.

What was your inspiration for your project?

APSIS itself was the inspiration. Once we heard about the great ideas focused on reducing node power usage, we realized that it could also be utilized to better manage power outage situations.

What is the single most exciting thing about your project?

The ability to better manage power outage situations.

Why did you decide to take part in the Adaptive Power Challenge?

The APSIS challenge can provide a communication portal to get operators and manufacturers working together.