Focus area: Monitoring and measurement

Copper Wireless Energy Monitoring

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Solution/product description

Copper is a wireless energy monitor that helps utilities access real-time energy data and engage consumers with actionable insights. From rooftop solar to electric vehicle chargers, energy demand is evolving quickly. Through real-time visibility behind the meter, Copper helps utilities engage the most relevant consumers in targeted demand response events and behavioral energy efficiency.

How does your project address / improve the focus area (Monitoring and Measurement, Demand Response, Supply and Control)?

Most energy monitors require a complex installation and only measure the flow of energy at a given time. Copper's whole-home wireless energy monitor delivers the revenue-grade meter data utilities need for billing customers and reporting to regulators. Copper delivers high resolution data, typically at 30-second intervals, even on legacy meters. As such, our solution could not only help broadband providers monitor their own energy but also do the same for every consumer they serve.

What was your inspiration for your project?

Our technology is based on more than 15 years of experience in wireless standards and smart grid technologies. In fact, there's a good chance our team designed the radio in your electric meter. We believe that access to real-time energy data creates awareness that can lead to a more sustainable energy future.

What is the single most exciting thing about your project?

Copper's patent-pending technology could be embedded directly into set-top boxes and other IoT devices with compatible radios, thus allowing cable operators to monetize hardware they're already deploying in a way that adds value to consumers through access to real-time energy data.

Why did you decide to take part in the Adaptive Power Challenge?

We believe broadband networks should be used to transport energy data, rather than the typical utility model of deploying redundant mesh wireless networks, and we'd like to help the industry lead in this area. We also believe cable operators can be a key distribution partner to bring our solution to consumers at scale by embedding Copper in the hardware they deploy.