Focus area: Demand response


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Solution/product description

Businesses are looking to simplify complex technology infrastructures to enable better customer experiences and reduce cost through streamlined operations. The digital transformation era has provided us with the necessary toolbox to create the right technology stack to do just that. Our proposed enhance solutions leverages Blockchain, Predictive Analytics, Cloud, IoT, and Automation. Creating a distributed assets framework which can help customers while averting more expensive traditional infrastructure investments for Liberty Global.

While combining these various technologies we’ve created a robust solution that fulfills your mandate: “TO EMBRACE ADAPTIVE POWER AND CREATE A MORE EFFICIENT WAY FOR BROADBAND PROVIDERS TO USE ENERGY” in all three areas of focus:


We can’t wait for you to experience how our BESTT and LuxSolar solutions improve power efficiency across your broadband networks.

How does your project address / improve the focus area (Monitoring and Measurement, Demand Response, Supply and Control)?

Data-based forecasting is playing a huge role to mitigate this issue. Depending on the time of day, if it’s a holiday (or not), weather and other varying factors, the amount of energy consumed could either spike or plummet. As a result, over the years our systems have become smart enough to predict the load in the grid – that is until renewable generation became a much bigger factor of uncertainty.

Our sophisticated solution helps to Monitor, Analyze and Control electricity usage by the most consuming points of a broadband network. Based on the data gathered by LuxSolar from the field, BESTT helps to maintain virtual, decentralized grid (microgrid) and establish electricity exchange between all participants. The platform flexibility is allowing operators to include or exclude any fixed grid items directly or involve mobile storages like EV or Battery Storages in cases of disruptions or outages.

Blockchain technology and cloud solutions are increasing system transparency and security. The system described in the presentation is deployed in the cloud and available for demo 24/7.


What was your inspiration for your project?

As energy consumption continues to increase due to the increasing amount of electronics in the residential and commercial sectors, it’s critical to make a change that can benefit your business and track your energy effectively – no matter what kind – from generation to transmission, to distribution and consumption.

Our team of engineers turned to blockchain aimed to ensure grid stability; granting nodes to receive electricity from resources with the best price for a defined piece of time.

What is the single most exciting thing about your project?

Our proposed enhance solutions leverages Blockchain, Predictive Analytics, Cloud, IoT, and Automation. In addition to leveraging some exciting tech, it leverages green energy and utilizes offpeak datacenter power supplies to support peak hour needs in other regions.

Key benefits of the platform
- Adaptation of energy demand profiles of distributed energy prosumers
- Optimization of grid operation and electricity delivery costs
- Increased electricity supply security
- All transactions are safe because they are signed by smart contract
- Extensive reporting on grid generation and consumption
Blockchain also makes easy to:
- Confirm and secure electricity exchange operations
- Find and visualize disagreements between items
- Integrate BESTT with other blockchain-based minigrid systems
- Alternative revenue

Why did you decide to take part in the Adaptive Power Challenge?

We believe in what we like to call "Solutions Accelerators" for telecommunications and energy. We believe our solutions will provide monumental change to the industry.