Focus area: Monitoring and measurement

Alpha Amps HP2 Inverter

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Solution/product description

The AMPS HP2 is an Innovative, inverter system for critical facilities and Telecom applications. Its available in Single, dual and three phase configurations with up to 75kVA/60kW capacity. The ‘HP’ technology engineered to deliver high efficiency, high system reliability and low total cost of ownership

How does your project address / improve the focus area (Monitoring and Measurement, Demand Response, Supply and Control)?

The 94% efficiency, 15 year design life and module MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) greater than 200,000 hours results for class-leading TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). In addition, the Intelligent system controller with integrated SNMP for local and remote management of AC power modules, optional rectifier modules, batteries and other peripherals offer a complete solution .

What was your inspiration for your project?

Our inspiration is to provide the most cost effective and innovative products while being the world’s leader in Uninterruptible Power Supplied (UPS) used in Cable Television, Computer and Telecom applications.

What is the single most exciting thing about your project?

The total cost of ownership includes numerous attributes to consider.

Why did you decide to take part in the Adaptive Power Challenge?

Our success is reflected by the growing number of satisfied customers and the wealth of talent in each of the employees. We strive to show our customers the advantages of our products