Monitoring and measurement

What if, with adaptive power, the energy network could be optimized, reducing critical power load and operational expense?

Understanding the trends of power consumption can have a major influence on the availability and reliability of service in the cable industry. But monitoring and measuring power goes beyond simple wattage. Power factor, load to max capacity and kWh are some simple measures that cable operators should be tracking.

For more information read this relevant SCTE•ISBE information.


Demand response

What if, with adaptive power, cable operators could reap greater financial rewards through demand response incentives?

The power grid and its providers have created market incentives referred to as “demand response.”  These are financial incentives to reduce the load on the grid in anticipation of increased demand. Cable operators leverage backup power, generators and storage batteries to be used in times of peak demand.

For more information read this relevant SCTE•ISBE information.

Supply and control

What if, with adaptive power and DOCSIS® enabled devices, information could be gathered, shared and monetized across both the grid and cable plants?

Cable networks enable the sharing of limitless information through social networks, websites, email and video. Power conditions across the network could provide valuable information to both utility providers and cable operator alike, while the cable plant (power supplies, critical facilities and data centers) can influence energy controls.

For more information read this relevant SCTE•ISBE information.