Adaptive Power Challenge: A sea of possibilities

13 June 2018
By Chris Bastian

When you unlock imagination, anything can happen.  That’s what came to mind when I moderated a recent webinar on the Energy 2020 Adaptive Power Challenge posed by SCTE•ISBE in partnership with Comcast and Liberty Global.

Optimizing energy usage and reducing the impact on the environment for future generations?  We can do that.  Working with power companies to curtail grid usage at high-demand points, yet still meet business needs.  That too. Sharing data with utilities and other partners that would help open doors to new power saving opportunities.  Check.

We’re taking entries in the Adaptive Power Challenge until June 29, with the objective of reducing energy consumption in the outside plant and edge facilities that make up so much of cable’s power footprint. A key point every panelist made on the webinar is that there is virtually no limit to the kinds of solutions that are on the table, so long as it leverages the principles of SCTE 216 – the Adaptive Power System Interface Specification, or APSIS™ – to help operators break free of existing paradigms that require a fixed amount of power consumption regardless of network traffic.  As Liberty Global’s Sam Khola put it, you’re not burning the same amount of calories listening to music when you are on the sofa as you are when you’re running a marathon.

Details on the Adaptive Power Challenge entry process are here.  I look forward to seeing your entry.  In the meantime, I’d like to thank Sam, Parajito Technologies’ Frank Sandoval and Cox Communications’ Mike Glaser for their insights during the webinar.  Give it a listen; it just might unlock your imagination!